"The Black Devil of Damavand": This is a book about three nations -- their people, customs, history, and struggles to survive.  Iran, Israel, and the United States. It shows them at their very best, and very worst. It is about war and peace, honor and corruption, the old ways and new technologies. Above all, it is about the impact of nature and man's spiritual beliefs upon the fate of the world and its inhabitants.

This is a techno-thriller about very real and existing dangers. Many fascinating aspects of science, medicine, space, and the military serve as a framework for a story that, at its heart, is about human beings: their goals, struggles, successes, and failures. About their desires to dominate, and also their need to accommodate one another. About their love -- and hatreds -- for one another.

In the aftermath of a Middle East war, as peace among nations begins to prevail, a series of world famous landmarks are suddenly destroyed, and children savaged, without evidence of how, by whom, and for what reason. Frightened world leaders seek to destroy their historical adversaries. And while they do so, the brutal forces of nature are growing their capabilities for world destruction.

As the world fills with chaos, Bill Walker, of the U.S. Special Forces, is assigned the task of finding answers. But he soon finds himself caught between two beautiful women who not only hold the key to uncovering the cause of these world calamities, but also have the power and desire to determine his ultimate fate.