"The Lansing Effect": The book is filled with fast-paced action involving new technologies, spies and counter-spies, global military conflicts, unanticipated twists and turns, a panorama of cultures, and fascinating characters...all of which is woven into a fabric of geographical, political, historical, artistic, and mythological themes.

This is a techno-thriller taking place against the background of an imminent Middle East war involving Iran, the United States, and Israel. Several national leaders, in their quests for power, are willing to sacrifice massive numbers of their own peoples by unleashing a novel and frightening biological weapon. It is a weapon that involves the application of cutting-edge nanotechnology to food products and takes advantage of century-old historical observations about the scientific nature of genetics, inheritance, and evolution. The result is a horrific new virus that is able to rapidly spread across the globe to target specific populations, can be triggered at will, and is highly lethal, creating widespread death and terror.

Bill Walker, U.S. Special Forces, sets out to investigate and avenge the apparent unrelated death of his twin brother, but soon finds himself the key figure in a conflict that threatens to widen into full-scale international war.

At odds with the American President, Walker races against time, attempting with the aid of a few dedicated colleagues to prevent a string of assassinations, quell the epidemic, prevent the economic collapse, and thwart the social breakdown of society. The sudden onset of extremely powerful solar flares begins to completely undermine his efforts and determine the ultimate outcome of these events. All the while Walker is surrounded by rival voluptuous femmes fatales, both of whom are in some unknown way critically involved in the genesis of the global disasters.